STEM Resources

STEM Night 2017

Science, Technology, Electronics and Math (STEM) Resources for children and parents

Front Row Math

Sheppard Software (Math Games Galore!)

This is a website with MANY great, free games to practice math. This is a great site for fractions practice too!

Scholastic for Parents

Here you can find tips on reading materials, extra practice, childhood development by age group, and much more. This is a great way to get some free tips on how to help your children with homework and find ways to best suit their educational needs in and out of the classroom.

Scholastic for Kids

Here is a link to the kids (ages 8-12) version called "The Stacks" where you can browse popular literature for that age group. There are some fun games and blogs to keep you updated with the current events in reading!

Fun Brain Math

I am always telling the students to "expand their brain cells", and this is a great website to do just that! There are games for reading, math, and word-play. This one is a huge hit with all of the students.

Batters Up Baseball

This website is a great place for age appropriate games for math, science, and logic games. Guess what? They are all F-R-E-E! Have fun.

Cool Math

Another amusement park of math games for the eager math wizard!

Interactive Sites for Education

All kinds of interactive activities


Math games galore

Discovery Education, free resources for homework tips, motivating your child, and even some math help too! There is a link for a "puzzlemaker" that you and your child can make together at home for extra practice.

Free Rice

Here is a FREE website that can be used to work on skills in all subject areas at different levels based on your child's needs at a given time. The other reason I like this website is because for every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program in the fight against world hunger. So as you and your child learn, another child gets to eat across the globe. It's fantastic!

Here are some helpful sites for reinforcement:

Practice your long division!

A variety of Math Topics

Fraction Activities

Math Puzzles, Games, and Brainteasers

Math Games and other great things!

Fun Brain

Math Playground


Sum Dog